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Dynamic Workshops

The students strived, with great effort while their teammates cheered them on, to keep the ball in the air and reach the finish line before the other team!

The Program's performing students engaged in a Dynamic Workshop, working together to overcome different challenges.  This was the second of such workshops, and whose return was much requested by the students and instructors.  These workshops have boosted the group's motivation and collaboration, bringing great synergy among students and instructors; and is showing well in their lesson time and on-stage performances. 

"The main goal of these workshops is to reinforce the team's unity.  I strongly believe 
that if we are united we can overcome adversity, even if it seems impossible." -- Mario Carillo, Workshop Facilitator and the Program's Project Management volunteer

This Dynamic Workshop stems from original Team-Building workshops geared for the Program's parents and volunteers. These were initiated to recognize their commitment and provide them support on their management of various Program projects. 

"Volunteers are the heart of CCMP. The parents of our students volunteer their precious time in many activities that keep this wonderful mariachi program alive."  
-- Mario Carillo

Indeed, parents assisted in facilitation of this Dynamic Workshop. An example of the program's commitment to provide students and families constructive and fun activities.

Go Team!!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead

Music Director and  Maestro Juan Manual Cortez

Maestro Juan Manuel Cortez
Maestro Juan Manuel Cortez

We welcome Juan Manuel Cortez as the program's Music Director. 
He has been collaborating with Mariachi For All since September, 2011, joining the panel of music instructors to audition students for the performing bands.  Mr. Cortez officially brings his knowledge, energy and passion for mariachi music to our performing mariachi students.

"I am happy to see our students developing their musical talents with so much dedication and eagerness.  Juan Manuel teaches with an immense enthusiasm that inspires and motivates every student! It is truly an honor to be working alongside such an incredible leader."

-Carmen Ceja, Co-founder and Music Instructor


                      Kenneth A. Picerne Foundation awards grant to Maestro Santiago Maldonado Reyna
The Harp Project

We are proud to announce that Santiago Maldonado Reyna has been awarded a grant by the Kenneth A. Picerne Foundation, to work with the Capistrano Community Mariachi Program (CCMP) from Mariachi For All!
Mr. Santiago Maldonado Reyna will provide instruction for the Capistrano Youth Harp Education Project. 

Mr. Maldonado Reyna is an exceptional and accomplished harpist and a professional instructor who teaches the harp as well as other typical mariachi instruments such as the guitar, vihuela and the guitarrón; however, his passion is with the harp.  The Harp is one of the oldest and most traditional mariachi instruments, we are honored to add it to the program's curriculum.

Mr. Maldonado Reyna has taught at different mariachi festivals such as the Mariachi Spectacular in Albuquerque, New Mexico; the UCLA Mariachi Program (1990) as part of Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano; and with Mariachi Uclatlán of Mark Foquelquist. He has taught children throughout state of California, primarily in the San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties. In 2004 he toured to Japan with Mariachi Internacional de Mexico de Francisco J. Jara to teach elementary children at the Okinawa School District. While in Japan, he had the opportunity to express his passion for healing through music as he played the harp to hospitalized children and witnessed how the children responded with excitement, empowerment, and total relaxation.

We are excited to host and support this Harp Project; providing high quality music instruction, instilling appreciation for higher musical and educational development, providing students with an intellectually challenging and innovative approach to the learning of the harp. 

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